Sheer Folly: America’s Ukraine/Russia Policy

It’s madness and utter idiocy for America to goad and antagonize Russia thus provoking a potential nuclear war. The stakes are too high and the risks are not mitigated sufficiently to behave so brazen and foolish. Yet that is precisely the policy the Biden Administration and Congress (including many Republicans) are taking.

The $1.7 trillion omnibus spending package the House of Representatives passed this week, which Biden is likely to approve, will authorize $45 billion in additional spending on Ukraine. That will bring total U.S. funding on that effort to over $100 billion since the start of this year when the conflict started.

Even the way the American mainstream media and the Biden administration characterize the conflict is offensive to Russia and needlessly polarizing. They keep referring to Russia’s involvement as an invasion of Ukraine. Calling Putin Hitler and a fascist is so absurd.

The truth is that Ukraine had a pro-Russian president and majority government until 2014 when the US (led by CIA operatives and funding from people like George Soros) worked to destabilize the region and ousted the pro-Russia president and replaced him with an aggressively anti-Russian leader.

When the Soviet Union broke up in the early 1990s assurances were given to Russia by America and NATO that no former Soviet bloc countries would enter NATO. NATO and EU countries are pushing Russia to a breaking point.

Ethnic Russians in the Donbas region of Ukraine were being killed by the thousands by president Volodymyr Zelensky’s government. They provoked Russia to intervene. Russia is currently taking action to secure the Donbas region and remove the Ukrainian government’s ability to wage war.

Sadly the neocons (neoconservatives) and war hawks have learned nothing since the US debacles in Vietnam, Afghanistan, and Iraq! They are pushing for an all-out war with Russia. It’s a proxy war now, but it could easily widen into a broader and deadlier conflict – one involving nuclear weapons.

2 responses to “Sheer Folly: America’s Ukraine/Russia Policy”

  1. Ok, the question is,do the people in Ukraine WANT Russia there??? From everything I’ve seen, even left wing sources, the answer is No. Putin is bombing civilian targets, apartment houses, train stations. Foolish? Ask the Ukrainians.


    • The people in Donbas certainly want Russia there. The Ukrainians should blame their own anti-Russian governments and especially President Zelensky, not portray him as some type of hero and freedom fighter! Every military conflict has collateral damage. Russia has taken steps to minimize it. Don’t be swayed by propaganda, sensationalistic reports, and emotional arguments!


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