Daycare: American Dream or Dystopian Nightmare

One of the most destructive things to negatively impact the family in modern times has been the enormously popular trend of parents having their children raised in daycare, instead of the traditional model where the husband works and the mother is a full-time stay-at-mom who tends to her children’s development with nurturing, care, love, attention, and discipline. All of these critical qualities are severely lacking in even the best daycare centers.

Parents warehouse their children here for 10-16 hours per day. The children are being paid by largely unskilled, unmotivated, minimum wage (or slightly higher) workers who are overburdened caring for dozens of kids and are stressed out. This toxic scenario is hardly the ideal environment for a child during its most formative and impressionable years. It is critical that parents bond with their children in these early years, and especially so for the bonding between mother and child.

It’s also critical that children receive proper discipline and structure. Scripture commands the use of corporal punishment, and it’s illegal to employ it in daycare centers.

This environment can create a perfect storm of factors that negatively affect a child’s early childhood development. This early development (cognitive, physical, social emotional, and spiritual) we know is super critical to a child’s overall well-being and future health. Most children who have this excellent early childhood development grow up to be responsible, moral, law-abiding, and productive members of society who eschew hedonism, alcohol, and drug abuse.

We have literally tens of millions of kids who have spent 10-16 hours every day in daycare because both parents are working full-time! I thank God my father worked so hard and put in 16-18 hour days at work so Mommy could be a full-time stay-at-home Mom. Children are now being raised by strangers during their most formative years who could care less about them!! It’s awful! There is no way some daycare employee is going to nurture, love, teach and support a child the way their mother would!

Economics plays a huge role in this phenomenon. Up until the 1970s daycare was unheard of. Some women had part-time jobs and if they were away from home a trusted family member would watch their job. But that was a very small minority of cases. In the 20-year period between 1980-2000, the number of daycares that opened was astronomical! And further, if you look at the past 20 years the numbers are even more shocking. It’s so bad that now a majority of American kids are being raised in daycare. The elephant in the room is the fact that these children are suffering because their mothers choose to have a career and put a certain higher level of material comfort over the needs of their families. The rise in feminism perfectly correlates with the rise in daycare.

Women are brainwashed by their parents and public schools that they must go to university and get a career. For 50 years now we’ve seen the results of this social experiment and the fruits are very bitter. There are many cases where the mother could be a stay-at-home Mom if her husband and her cut back dramatically on expenses. They don’t need a $200,000 to $400,000 home, a $60,000 SUV, or $80,000 truck, or expensive vacations, or expensive jewelry, a new wardrobe every few years, or eating out at restaurants every week.

There are so many things that are non-essential luxuries, yet many have convinced themselves if they wish to achieve the American Dream these material comforts are essential. I know that these parents love their children, yet they are trapped and have been conditioned to believe certain things which aren’t true.

Another thing to consider is: daycare (even the cheapest) is expensive. I once saw a report by an economist that said if you calculate the cost of daycare that would be saved if the mother was a stay-at-home Mom and coupled it with the tax savings, in many cases, it was actually better economically to have the mother not work, or it would have been about the same cost savings. So the line that most mothers absolutely must work is a total fabrication!

Sadly, I must also note that ever year many children in daycare are physically or sexually abused.

Looking back at my childhood, I am so very thankful for my parents making sacrifices and working so hard for my sisters and I. Having Mommy at home was a huge blessing. We may not have had the best house, car, or been able to take luxury vacations, but we had lots of love and are to this day a very closeknit family!

2 responses to “Daycare: American Dream or Dystopian Nightmare”

  1. Daycare is a travesty! The kids are pale and sickly! The kids grow up with no morality, it encourages lawlessness and is the worst thing that could ever happen to a young child who needs their parents! It’s literally throwing the kids away! I remember how sad I was when my Mom was not there so I couldn’t imagine how much these innocent children suffer!


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