Christ the King

Hail Christ the King
The Lord of Lords
It is His praises I sing

Born in a humble manger so small
He would redeem man
From the curse of the Fall

He is fully God and fully man
Because of love
He enacted the Father’s plan

Man was lost in sin
We needed a Savior to ransom us
A holy propitiation

Christ came to save
Those who would repent and believe
To sin we would no longer be a slave

“It is finished!” He cried
And thus Christ gave up His life
The God Man had died

Was that rugged cross of Calvary the end
Was the Son of Man no more
The Apostles were frightened

On the third day you see
No longer held captive by death
Christ was set free

Jesus rose from the grave
Oh glorious event
Man He would now be able to save

He reigns supreme over all
The Alpha and Omega
Before Christ seraphim do fall

So repent and trust in Christ alone today
We are saved by God’s sovereign grace
I implore you to follow Christ, He is the Way

by Zachary Uram
(c) 2023

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