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  • Autumn Haiku

    “Morning Walk“ The leaves fall down slowlyShades of orange, yellow, and redBeautiful bright hues by Zachary Uram(c) 2022 “Rain“ Cold rain swiftly fallsI see my breath crystallizeThe sun slowly sets by Zachary Uram(c) 2022 “Ravens“ Ravens crow loudlyI see them flying above meSuch majestic birds by Zachary Uram(c) 2022

  • Autumn Reflections

    I meander through the park On a cold autumn day The multi-hued leaves crunch satisfyingly underfoot Reflecting on God’s providence and grace My mood is slightly morose, yet hopeful Squirrels open chestnuts for the long winter ahead Over head a Peregrine falcon soars majestically Eyeing its prey A mouse darts across the open field The […]