Month: December 2021

  • A Christmas Canticle

      Christ was born in a manger One frosty night Only straw for a bedWhat a plight The heavenly hosts proclaimedGloria in excelsis Deo In His cribChrist’s face did glow The animals kept watchAs the holy infant slept How could this beHis secret Joseph and Mary kept This eternal Son dreamedOf what He’d do one […]

  • The Very Bloody History of Communism

    After being thought up by Karl Marx in the 19th century, communism came to the forefront in the early part of the 20th century in Russia. Lenin led a so-called workers revolution (the noble proletariat) who was going to centralize the economy and abolish capitalism in favor of socialism, abolish private property, and replace the […]

  • Advent Reflections Poem

    In grievous sin man was lostTo redeem him what would it cost? God became manIt was all according to His plan The God Man cameTo cast out demons and heal the lame But the real reason Christ came was loveHe had mercy on us from above The virgin Mary would bear Jesus the LordHe would […]