Denying the desires
Of the flesh each day

Resisting temptations
When they come our way

Doing the difficult thing
When you feel weak

Pushing through doubt and fear
When the road ahead looks bleak

Your darkest impulses
You must allay

Soon your thinking has changed
In a profound way

No longer a prisoner
To the chains of sin

Your soul has changed
By the Holy Spirit within

Now you choose Christ
No matter the cost

Finding daily strength
You thought was forever lost

Tis an ongoing struggle
Each day on earth

But by grace, you were transformed
The second birth

Now you toil and labor
You fight and retreat

But you never surrender
Until your life is complete

Becoming holy is difficult
Each day you must mortify sin

Never being complacent
Never letting the Old Man win

Our good works
Are a gift from Lord

So walk in them
And raise your sword

The Sword of the Spirit
Which is the Word of God

May we decrease
And Him alone we laud

Spiritual warfare is intense
It will test us at every turn

But if we walk by the Spirit
We will eventually learn

We can do nothing ourselves
Yet in Christ, we can do all

So it is for every person
Who answers God’s call

Keep persevering
Until the race is won

When you will behold your Savior
And your temporal life is done

by Zachary Uram, (c) 2022

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