The Gospel

Our God, greater than humanity
Praise the Father and the Son
With the Holy Spirit, Three in One
Three Persons in perfect Unity

Jehovah, the great I AM, who is like Him?
Immutable, impassible, unchangeable, and perfect divinity
The omniscient, omnipotent and omnipresent Trinity
This all-powerful God would become a Victim

He knows the end from the beginning
The Triune God is eternal
And He is paternal
He will save man from his sinning

Satan the mighty archangel defied Him
His mercy and justice perfectly balanced
With the Incarnation of Christ, this is evidenced
God humbled Satan down to the quantum

Christ, begotten not made
God became a Man you see
To save humanity
The price of man’s sin was paid

He suffered and hung on that blessed tree
Dual natures that don’t intermingle, perfectly combine
Completely human and completely divine
Christ was a propitiation for you and me

Jesus led a sinless life
Man was defiled at the Fall
Corrupted God’s image for one and all
Christ would save man from death and all strife

Sin reigned supreme
Totally depraved, man sinned without end
God did man continuously offend
Man Christ would redeem

On the third day, Christ rose
Death could not hold the Lamb
Sin, death, and Satan defeated by the great I AM
It was us He chose

Share the Doctrines of Grace
We are elected to salvation before the world’s foundation
God chose us first before our salvation
Run a good race

The Holy Spirit quickens our heart
This is the second birth
The thought of it should fill us with mirth
We are no longer from God apart

We become a new creation
From the power of sin, we are set free
Christ paid every penalty
This truth fills me with elation

So walk in the Spirit
We are saved by grace alone through faith alone
Not works righteousness, that won’t change our heart of stone
Don’t have a faith that’s counterfeit

Trusting in our merits to be saved is a lie from Hell
It is solely through Christ’s penal substitutionary atonement
Not through our achievement
This is the true gospell

One response to “The Gospel”

  1. A very nice poem! I really liked the different ways of seeing God! God is probably very proud of you for writing such a good poem!


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