John MacArthur vs Julie Roys

This latest report is really shocking! I know we all make mistakes, but as a John MacArthur supporter, I really hope he’ll speak up and admit that he didn’t handle this case well. I don’t want Dr. MacArthur to be demonized. I still find him to be an amazing expository preacher and a godly man. I know we’re only hearing one side of the story, so I hope Dr. MacArthur will publicly address this issue and not just ignore it.

This latest report is new evidence in a string of accusations against Dr. MacArthur and Grace Community Church in how they deal with staff accused and/or convicted of child sexual abuse. The previous report focused on pedophile David Gray. The latest accusations involve former Grace Community Church pastor Paul Guay who sexually abused his own daughter and other children over the course of many years. John MacArthur allegedly was fully informed about the abuse, and did nothing. He didn’t contact the police, and Paul Guay continued as pastor at MacArthur’s church for 3 more years.

Let’s be real. These allegations are deeply disturbing and scandalous! If John MacArthur deliberately covered up child sexual abuse (in this case incest) and failed to report it to the police, that is a major sin.

Due to the cult of personality, and the unhealthy celebrity culture we live in, we in the Church have a tendency to idolize certain pastors and teachers. They become rock star “super pastors”. By any metric you choose, John MacArthur is a rock star in the Reformed church. We tend to filter out any criticism (even if it’s legitimate) and negative reports and ignore them. I hope we the Reformed church do not do that in this case.

The best thing Dr. MacArthur and Grace Community Church can do is be 100% transparent and honest, even if it makes them look less than favorable, and apologize if in fact they have sinned. The worst thing possible would be for them to attack the victim, ignore the severity of this case or attempt to rationalize Dr. MacArthur’s actions (or rather his lack of action).

The church in America, has a HORRIBLE history of handling sexual abuse! Coverups, intimidating victims, refusing to believe victims, not reporting cases of abuse to the police, enabling abusers, etc.. The Reformed church is no different, sadly, when it comes to sexual abuse, especially child sexual abuse. We need to do better!!!

4 responses to “John MacArthur vs Julie Roys”

  1. Yes. The gospel is still true, even if MacArthur didn’t do as well as folks thought, over the years.

    In fact, it really is true that if he failed here, that does confirm the gospel: we all need Christ, we all need the Savior.

    Really, this is such a tragic story, and it does sound like it is true 😥

    It really is okay to say, “I’m sorry, I was wrong, please forgive me.”

    And if MacArthur needs to do that, then it is best that he does do that.

    And, though this story is a blow to his reputation, that blow will be mitigated with an honest apology.

    It does sound like every bit of this story is true, and there just are too many witnesses it seems, on this one.

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