Julie Roys admits error in her coverage of John MacArthur

In a shocking and bizarre turn of events, liberal Christian journalist Julie Roys has recently confessed to speaking in error in her extensive coverage of pastor John MacArthur. Further she says that she regrets her actions. Yet she didn’t come to full repentance which is very sad. Repentance is taking full acceptance of wrongdoing, admitting you grievously sinned, and resolving to stop doing said sin.

I covered this in one of my earlier blog posts, which you can read here. Here is a great article by Protestia, debunking Julie Roys’ assertion that MacArthur knew Paul Guay, a former pastor at MacArthur’s church, was molesting his own daughter and did nothing about it. Here is another article by Protestia on Julie Roys’ coverage of MacArthur.

I’m so relieved that the truth surrounding John MacArthur has finally come out. And we can trust in MacArthur as an example of a wise and godly man of God who has faithfully served the Lord for over 50 years! What a faithful witness. MacArthur’s expositional preaching is the best you’ll find in the modern era. You have to go back to Spurgeon in the 19th century, or the Puritans in the 18th and 17th centuries to find better preaching!

It is my fervent desire that Julie Roys will stop wasting time in attacking Grace Community Church and pastor John MacArthur!

7 responses to “Julie Roys admits error in her coverage of John MacArthur”

  1. Zachary, do you have a link to Julie Roys’ amending her claims about MacArthur?

    I know she posted something recently, apologizing for something in her book, on the feminine soul.

    I am not aware of her saying anything about her reporting on MacArthur.


    • No worries, Zachary.

      I think BTWN titled one of his videos “as if” she apologized for her coverage of MacArthur.

      But he was referring to her apology for how she told a story in her book on the feminine soul, of a time when she was in, I believe, Youth Ministry.

      I just checked. He didn’t clearly title it as that, but one could have read his title as saying she apologized for her coverage of MacArthur.

      I used to attend the same church as Julie Roys, Zachary. I didn’t know her personally, but the church we both attended was very conservative.

      Anyway, I also looked for this apology, and couldn’t find it, and apology for her coverage of John MacArthur.

      But she did post an apology in recent days for a story she told in her book.

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  2. She has no right to attack a pastor! She should be ashamed of herself, Christians should not viciously condemn anyone! Especially not a man who serves God!

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