Some Thoughts on the Lord’s Day

Empty tomb At Sunrise With Shroud

Oh what a mystery
That the Creator of the universe
Should humble Himself
And incarnate as a man

Who can fathom this
Miracle of miracles
The omnipotent and sovereign God
As a creature

What depths of love
Drove the God-Man to us
To redeem wretched mankind
Such love is eternal

Born to a virgin
Christ lived among us
He was sinless, perfect in every way
He experienced what we experience

Christ gathered 12 apostles
And began teaching and healing
People were astounded by His miracles
They authenticated Him as the Messiah

But not everyone was pleased with Jesus
The Jewish religious leaders conspired
Judas betrayed Christ
And so He was arrested

Even the Roman prefect Pilate
Could find no fault with Christ
Yet the Jewish crowd demanded His death
And so He was sentenced to death

He was to be crucified
A criminal’s death
For the Lord of Lords
Yet Christ did not resist

He knew what must happen
To save us
Jesus would be a propitiation
For wicked mankind

On the rocky Golgotha outside Jerusalem
Here on Calvary hung the King of Kings
He bore our sins
And suffered beyond our imagination

Jesus took on the full wrath of God
He sacrificed Himself willingly for us
At last, Christ cried out “It is finished!”
And gave up His spirit

Was this the end?
Had evil triumphed?
Christ lay in the silent tomb
Our eternal destiny hung in the balance

On the third day
There was a blinding flash of light
In the tomb
And Jesus rose up alive!

The God-Man had resurrected
Hell could not contain Him
Death could not destroy Him
Our Redeemer liveth!

Oh, happy day!
Oh, joy unending!
Christ ransomed us from Hell
The Elect would live eternally with Jesus

How can we partake in this new life you ask?
First, you must sincerely repent of your sins
Next, you must trust in Christ alone
If you do this your salvation is secured

No power of Satan
No plot of mankind
Can ever rob you of your salvation
So persevere to the end

We are saved by unmerited grace
Through faith alone in Christ
We contribute nothing to our salvation
Except for our filthy sins

If Christ is your Savior
He will also be your Lord
You will delight
In obeying His commands

So spread the Gospel
Throughout the earth
We plant the seeds
And the Holy Spirit reaps the harvest

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