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  • Celebrating Holidays: Yay or Nay?

    Do you agree or disagree with Durbin? I agree with him. I don’t believe the regulative principle should be applied to ALL areas of life. Just because a holiday isn’t in the Bible doesn’t mean it is improper or that it can’t be God-honoring. I have wonderful childhood memories of celebrating Christmas and Easter with […]

  • Some Thoughts on the Lord’s Day

    Oh what a mysteryThat the Creator of the universeShould humble HimselfAnd incarnate as a man Who can fathom thisMiracle of miraclesThe omnipotent and sovereign GodAs a creature What depths of loveDrove the God-Man to usTo redeem wretched mankindSuch love is eternal Born to a virginChrist lived among usHe was sinless, perfect in every wayHe experienced […]

  • Favorite Christmas Songs

    These are some of my favorite songs! Which are your favorites? Please enjoy! Silver Bells Silver Bells, Silver BellsIt’s Christmas time in the cityRing-a-ling, hear them ringSoon it will be Christmas Day City sidewalksBusy sidewalksDressed in holiday styleIn the air there’sA feeling of ChristmasChildren laughingPeople passingMeeting smile after smileAnd on everyStreet corner you’ll hear Silver […]