Christmas in Yellowstone

I arrive at Yellowstone
On a cold and sunny morning
It’s Christmas Eve
Here I will celebrate Christ’s birth

I spot a majestic eagle
Soaring above
If only I could see with its eyes
To experience such freedom and exhilaration

The eagle circles above
It’s on the hunt
Suddenly the great bird swoops down
And catches a plump rabbit in its talons

I walk into a valley
Covered in two feet of snow
My snow shoes help but my progress is slow
Pine trees tower above the ridge

I came across a mother grizzly and her cubs
I’m sure to stay upwind from them
My distance is respectful
The cubs are enjoying the snow

I see an energetic red-tailed fox
It leaps into the air
And down under the snow
It emerges with a mouse for its meal

After traversing the valley
I come across a grove of pine trees
I’ll make my home here for the night
It has cover from the wind and snow

I create a hut using pine branches
And the tarp I brought in my backpack
Good thing I have a sleeping bag
This shall make for a cozy home

At the lake I catch some rainbow trout
I make a fire and fry the fish in a pan
I season it with a pack of herbs and spices I had
It was the best fish I ever ate

Evening is now approaching so I go back to my hut
There by kerosene lamp I read the Christmas story
In the Gospel of Luke
I feel at peace and thankful for my Lord and Savior Jesus

I am struck by the blissful silence of my environment
I enjoyed the solitude, but only for a season
I have a wonderful feeling of serenity
I am happy to be alive

I wake up after a sound night’s sleep
It’s Christmas day
I pack up my things and head home
This was an experience I’ll never forget

by Zachary Uram
(c) 2023

2 responses to “Christmas in Yellowstone”

  1. Wow! This is a wonderful poem! I love your style! My favorite part is when you wrote about catching and eating the fish! I hope that more people will go to the woods and appreciate God’s creation! We all need to connect with nature to truly understand God’s purpose!


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