Some Reformed utter “Bah Humbug!” and seek to cancel Christmas!

Dear fellow Reformed:

Stop saying it’s a sin to celebrate Christmas, or that such a celebration is unbiblical.

You do things every single day not explicitly commanded in Scripture.

It is a gross misapplication of the regulative principle which itself is problematic. I favor the normative principle. Unless something is SINFUL OR EXPRESSLY FORBIDDEN by Scripture then doing so is not a sin.

You can’t get more biblical than celebrating the Lord’s incarnation!

Christmas has been celebrated continuously by the Church for the past 2,000 years. It is only in the 1500s (some 1,500 years later) that we see some Reformed saying we should cancel Christmas because it has too close an association with the Catholic church! By that reasoning, we Reformed might as well cancel baptism, communion, etc. How stupid! I love the Puritans and appreciate their insights, but their desire to cancel Christmas and other holidays such as Easter was dead wrong and unbiblical.

I will keep celebrating the Lord Jesus’ birth and I call upon those who wish to cancel Christmas to examine Scripture closely and realize that celebrating holidays such as Christmas and Easter is very proper and quite thoroughly biblical!

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