Advent Poem

It’s time for Christmas mirth
Christ has won us second birth

One of the most amazing events in history
Come see baby Jesus in the nativity

The God-Man has been incarnated
We should be elated

He will go on to defeat death and sin
It’s our salvation He shall win

So rejoice
Lift up your voice

In a humble manger, our Savior was born
Out of love for us, He would face man’s scorn

The animals witnessed this miracle sublime
During the cold Bethlehem nighttime

The Christmas star shined down below on the hay
Over the place where Jesus lay

To Egypt would Joseph, Mary, and baby Jesus soon flee
Baby Jesus would survive a killing spree

They escaped the murderous Herod’s wrath
God would show them the right path

Jesus grew into a man
And enacted the Father’s plan

To win us ransom from death and sin
Christ would be our propitiation

On that old rugged cross, He’d suffer and die
There was fierce lightning in the sky

But 3 days later, on a silent Sunday morn
Jesus was reborn

From that dark grave, He did rise
There was no eternal demise

Christ the King of Kings was triumphant
In all of history, this was the greatest moment

So be joyful and of good cheer
As you celebrate our Savior’s birth this year

Sing carols, dance and have a great feast
And look for the Christmas star in the east

Christmas is the beginning of our redemption
Christ shall secure His elect without exemption

So rejoice during this Christmas season
In your heart know that Christ is the reason

by Zachary Uram
(c) 2022

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