My Broken Mind

I am crazy and barking mad
I’m quite insane
This is my sad refrain

At the turn of the millennium
‘Twas a score and three
Since I lost my sanity

Now my days are troubled
Filled with pain and woe
We truly reap what we sow

My thoughts are speeding past
It’s a superluminal race
I can’t keep up the pace

Delusions and hallucinations
Rule the day
I’m left with feeling dismay

What’s it like
To be in a psychotic state
It ain’t great

My mind is not well
Thoughts are disjointed and broken
Am I forsaken

I’ll take my meds
See my psychiatrist and pray
And dream of a better day

Sometimes I get
A dissociative event
At least it’s not permanent

I zone out
And lose all touch with reality
It’s very scary

My depression makes me lie
In bed like a beached whale
Here ends my sad tale

by Zachary Uram
(c) 2023

2 responses to “My Broken Mind”

  1. Don’t worry Zak! There will be better days ahead! God is always with you! Never forget that! I’m here for you too! Mental illness is very difficult to deal with but you are on good medication that helps you! I pray you are able to deal with the difficulties of your mental illness and I will always support you and be here for you!


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