The United States of Babylon

Is this the place where freedom lies
Beneath the wicked cocaine skies

The land of the free
Freedom to sin and create misery

The love of God and country has long grown cold
For most in this Satanic fold

Where have you gone halcyon days
Now we live in a haze

Wrong is right and the insane are sane
This is the madness of America’s brain

Vice rules the days
Pursued with zealousness in myriad ways

Once we had a godly nation
Now it has become an abomination

Do as thou wilt has become the slogan of our time
This demonic refrain should be a crime

The strong prey on the weak
Yet Jesus said blessed are the meek

God is not mocked
This nation shall soon be defrocked

A small remnant of God’s family is still here
The Lord’s return is nearer every day so let’s cheer

Christ shall appear at the last trumpet’s blast
Godly people stand steadfast

The armies of Satan shall fall like wheat being chaffed
By the power of Jesus’ words shall they be slayed

But for now the United States of Babylon continues its descent
The only hope for America is for its people to repent

by Zachary Uram
(c) 2023

2 responses to “The United States of Babylon”

  1. Yes, Zak, people are forgetting the ways of God! Sinis at an all time high! Let us pray that more citizens of this country will change their lives and attitudes and become closer to God!


  2. To me I don’t agree that this nation had ever been Godly. We have to remember when pilgrims came to this land how they treated the native Americans. Also they brought Africans as slaves. When they got the power, they waged wars Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Then they created and supported the apartheid entity called Israel in Palestine. Palestinians were chased out from their homeland and were replaced by Jews who came from Poland, Brooklyn and every part in the world. They invaded Iraq under the pretense of weapons of mass destruction that they didn’t find. Their nose is sticking in every nation on this planet, causing problems in every nation they put their nose. These days they send weapons to Jewish oligarchs and Neo Nazis in Ukraine. Ahmadi Najad former president of Iran called this nation the greatest Evil which is true. On their currency is written “in God we trust. Liars. Their God is the dollar. Sent from the all new AOL app for iOS


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