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  • Autumn Haiku

    “Morning Walk“ The leaves fall down slowlyShades of orange, yellow, and redBeautiful bright hues by Zachary Uram(c) 2022 “Rain“ Cold rain swiftly fallsI see my breath crystallizeThe sun slowly sets by Zachary Uram(c) 2022 “Ravens“ Ravens crow loudlyI see them flying above meSuch majestic birds by Zachary Uram(c) 2022

  • Overwhelmed: Breaking Point

    I have so much wrong with me! I NEED YOUR PRAYERS DESPERATELY! PRAYERS FOR ME AND MY FAMILY WOULD BE MUCH APPRECIATED!!! Satan is a liar! I will not fall into despair, bitterness, or anger. “Though He slay me, yet will I hope in Him.” Job 13:15 My physical and mental suffering unites me with […]