Update on Ukraine and Russia

Propaganda Word Cloud on a black background.

The mainstream news I’m getting from sources like Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, The New York Times, The Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, BBC, The Economist is nauseating! Every time a Russian tank is destroyed, a Russian aircraft is shot down, or a Russian soldier is killed they are gleeful and celebratory. Of course, every time a Ukrainian soldier is killed the media is distraught and describes them as valiant heroes! I’ve seen more than a handful of reports comparing Putin to Hitler or Stalin. What garbage! Thankfully there are some good media such as Deutsche Welle and Russia Today. The misinformation, disinformation, and outright propaganda in Western media are sickening.

The Russia-Ukraine conflict has really opened my eyes to how deep-seated and pervasive the bias is. Russia is portrayed as an aggressive and despotic imperialist nation partaking in empire building. America has participated in or outright led in the majority of conflicts in the 20th and 21st centuries and has a long history of imperialist aggression and policy of invading countries or effecting regime change. See this article. As of 2015, America has been at war 222 out of 239 years of its existence or a staggering 93% of the time. So America is hypocritical for lecturing Russia on imperialism! Social media companies are censoring pro-Russian or pro-Putin content, yet according to this article companies like Facebook are allowing its users to call for death to Russians! How despicable! Someone needs to tell the West that the Cold War has been over for more than 30 years and that Russia is no longer our enemy. NATO has outlived its usefulness and should be disbanded.

I keep hearing the mainstream media claim Russia is committing genocide in Ukraine. This is absolutely false! There is a lot of restraint from the Russian side. They are taking lots of measures to minimize collateral damage and civilian casualties. Unlike America, which killed somewhere around half a million Iraqi citizens in the 2003 war and the years thereafter. The population of Iraq is actually far lower than in Ukraine. In Afghanistan, 335,000 civilians have died violent deaths as a direct result of the war America prosecuted. In Vietnam, America killed over 300,000 Vietnamese civilians! Russia has killed a few thousand civilians, but this was not intentional. The US-led NATO bombing of Serbia, which lasted 3 months, resulted in over 500 civilian deaths.

The CIA-backed campaign of disinformation and propaganda is apparent once you have learned to see clearly. Putin is 10 times the leader that Biden is and he’s even better than Trump. If I was able to financially I’d move to Russia but I’m very bad at picking up foreign languages and I’m too old, and unable to work due to disability. I support Putin 100%! Check out COINTELPRO for some historical background to what the West is doing. The West is lost! Modernism killed it. The future belongs to the East!

By the way, Ukraine provoked Russia to act by shutting off the water supply to the disputed regions, for the past 8 years Ukrainian forces bombarded areas that have a majority of citizens who did not vote for and who do not agree with the Ukrainian puppet government. Ukraine started this war, not Russia. Ukraine killed over 13,000 innocent civilians in the past 8 years! You won’t hear about that in Western media.

Russia is fighting against Western degeneracy like abortion on demand, gay “marriage”, transgenderism, homosexual pride parades, fornication and adultery, no-fault divorce, pornography on demand, a hedonistic lifestyle based on consumerism, materialistic secular humanism culture, euthanasia, etc.

I will continue to support Russia and President Putin. I was recently banned from Facebook for 30 days for speaking out against the propaganda and for calling for God’s judgment on America for utter degeneracy and the murder of over 63 million babies through abortion! I wouldn’t be surprised if God nukes America within my lifetime. The West is done. The future belongs to the East!

4 responses to “Update on Ukraine and Russia”

  1. Great article! I can fully agree! I would especially like to thank you for mentioning the 1999 NATO bombing of Serbia!


    • Thanks brother. You are very welcome. I support the brave people of Serbia! May Република Српска soon be part of Serbia once again!!!


  2. Zach, my friend, this timebidid my best to read it, but it wasn’t possible. Honestly.
    For me, every fallen soldier bin Ukraine is a tragedy, but the truth is, Russians are agressors.
    In fact most of them are teenage rookies, right from mum’s hands.
    But ,Zach, you are generalizing.
    Fallen am rookies are the tragedy of war, waged by Putler on an independent, free country, no matter how corrupted economically. However, bomber pilots or artillery officers are very different matter. Pilots are professionals and officers, they know very well what are they doing while bombing the cities. They would consider themselves lucky if they are taking POW instead being shot on site. The se with artillery officers, who set the parameters.
    I pray frequently to our Lord Jesus Christ fo giving the Putin and his henchpeople the grace of reflection and conversion back to Christianity. Some folks say Putin is a Christian. He just has proven himself that he is not.
    Regarding tanks and other equipment, everyone destroyed there is not going to come over here. Maybe, but absolutely maybe,
    If this madman bleeds out his army (no matter the final outcome)
    he will not be able to invade us for some years. That would give us some more time to beef up our forces significantly.
    However, if the Russian empire will break apart, that would give us a great opportunity to make a polexit from the EU.
    Now, the matter of Russian propaganda outlets. The fact is, there is no difference between them an CNN and other crap. Simply, the propaganda’s vector is different. DW is a bit better, but very anti Polish and pro EU/German.
    I do hope, I explained a bit to you my friend. The world isn’t black an white contrast. It’s much more complicated. The only true, really white, lucent is the Glory of Our Lord United in Trinity. Nothing else.


  3. You are wrong about Russia. You have taken the wrong side. The fact that Putin has shut down all independent media in Russia tells you something about who has something to hide. The fact that Putin even took Crimea during the Olympics 8 years ago and tried to pull the same stunt in eastern Ukraine during this past Olympics should not be overlooked. Crimea is not the only place that Russia claims that is surrounded by other countries: Transnistria is a rebel region surrounded by Ukraine and Moldava; and a piece of Russia is engulfed by Lithuania and Poland.

    You casualty numbers for Iraq includes the absolute butchery committed against civilians by ISIS.


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