A Defense of Western Christian Colonialism

Much has been asserted in recent years by revisionist historians and neo-Marxist activists claiming the Western colonization of the New World (primarily South America and Central America) and Africa was a great act of evil that brought only unwanted misery and terror.

Such superficial and sensationalistic claims are easily refuted using actual history and sound reasoning.

The truth is that the Western colonization of the world (Africa, the New World, etc.) brought about an enormous amount of good. I’d argue that the net good far outweighed the negatives. In Africa, the native tribes had no scientific or mathematical knowledge to speak of for thousands of years. It had no great cities. Egyptians are not black-skinned Africans, yet black activists continue to claim the Egyptian civilization as its own accomplishment. In fact, in over 1,900 years Africa did not produce so much as a two-story building. It had no great literary or musical achievements. It was economically a subsistence primitive agrarian level. In fact, civilization was at a standstill in Africa for thousands of years with no great universities or centers of learning (not Greek, Roman, or Egyptian; I’m talking about the achievements of native black-skinned African people). Within 50, 100, 200, or 300 years of the Western colonization of Africa, they became transformed into a level of education, commerce, farming, higher education, medicine, technology, military, the arts, music, literature, philosophy, biology, architecture, and the sciences which were undreamed of in centuries past. Millions of lives were saved.

The much balleyhoed cultural imperialism is a myth. The best of Western culture was gifted to Africa and the New World, whilst the natives still preserved their own vibrant cultures and unique expressions which continue to the present day.

But thus far I’ve been speaking of pragmatic and materialistic considerations. The greatest achievement, the great gift the West gave to the New World and Africa was the Christian faith. Today there is still religious fighting in Africa, but the horrific seemingly neverending great tribal wars have ended. And the sporadic cases of violence we see today in Africa are nearly 100% due to radical Islam. Through the direct efforts of the Colonizers, God used them in a mighty way to spread the Gospel where before was only darkness, spiritual blindness, pagan superstitions, animism, witchcraft, ancestor worship, and voodoo.

In South America and Central America the bloody Aztec empire slaughtered millions of innocent people in its pagan blood lust.

For all the problems of the Spanish Conquistadors, and they did have issues, their putting an end to the brutal ritual of human sacrifice of the Aztecs was a very good thing.

Not all cultures or civilizations are equal. Not all religions are equal. Christianity is the only religion that is true. All those following other religions are damned. This is opposed to the politically correct view which enshrines diversity and equality as fundamental truths. By literally dozens of metrics Western society was and is superior to the pagan and primitive societies they replaced.

Again, let me be clear of one fact: the culture and civilization of Africa and the New World was vastly inferior (to a very, very large degree) to that of the West by virtually any way you could measure it.

These colonized nations should thank God and be appreciative of all that the colonizers gave them. The Gospel pulled them out of the darkness. Their level of education, literacy, medicine, technology, scientific and industrial knowledge, music, literature, the arts, and many more things all improved dramatically.

2 responses to “A Defense of Western Christian Colonialism”

  1. Yes we learned in grade school that the new world was colonized by the European people. It resulted in a world of good and wonderful achievements! The Westerners brought Christianity and peace to savages who needed God in their lives! They were primitive people who lived in fear and darkness and they were saved by the Lord Jesus!


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