Month: November 2021

  • Duel at Dawn II – 黄昏の決闘

      I wrote this poem 10 years ago, to honor the samurai of Japan!   Swords raised.  太刀は抜かれた。 Senses heightened. 五感が高ぶる。 Tempered minds 鍛精した心が command cold steel 冷たい鉄刀を操る glimmering in dawn’s light. 黄昏の光とちらめついた。 Sharpened by intention, 武士道ひとすじへの Bushido, こころ意気と the warrior’s code 武人の鉄則が restricts and defines 最終試練の a final test. 決定役を果たす時となった。 A struggle for honor. […]

  • Walk On An Autumn Day

    I slowly walk down the streetIt’s a chilly autumn dayA kaleidoscope of colorful leavesThey crunch underfoot A lone raven flies aboveCircling in the skyLooking for something to eatIt caws at me Cars whiz pastI wonder who they areWhere they are goingDo they see me? It’s a cloudy dayShafts of sunlightPeek through thick cloudsI feel tired […]

  • Hell

      Inferno by Pieter Huys – 1570 We as humans are beings created by God and we possess an immortal soul. Scripture clearly teaches that when we die we will go to either Heaven (if we are in Christ) or Hell (if we die apart from saving faith in Him). What is Hell like? Who […]

  • Demons

      Augustine wrote a short treatise (in Latin) on demons, De divinatione daemonorum / On the divination of demons. He discusses the powers of demons and how they operate in deceiving us. The English Translation was done by Dr. Mattias Gassman. Augustine say demons have swiftness of movement and keen senses. They can perceive things […]

  • Atomic Age

    On July 16, 1945, at 5:29:45 AM (MST), the first atomic bomb ever detonated went off near Socorro, New Mexico at the test site known as Trinity. Hence the world was ushered into the Atomic Age. This place wasn’t far from Los Alamos, where the atomic bombs were under development in the top secret program known […]

  • Christian Persecution

      Martyrdom is no stranger to the Church. During the 1st century at the birth of the Church, and on through the next nearly 3 centuries the Christian community of believers was persecuted and martyred by the Roman government. Their martyrdom was the life blood of the Church. For all the persecution, the Church only […]

  • Elvis

    From the time I’ve been a small boy, about 5 years old, I’ve been an Elvis fan! My parents played his records on our old stereo. I’ve come across few male vocalists who have a combination of sheer power in their voice, the ability to convey emotion and feeling, the mastery of phrasing and intonation, […]